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The Norfolk Island Murder | Crime Investigation Australia | Full Documentary | Crime

29-year-old Patton had been stabbed to death in a frenzied attack that had left more than 60 wounds from her head to her feet. She had multiple bruises and broken bones and it was clear she had bravely fought back against a sustained attack. What followed were years of difficult investigations plagued by numerous false leads based mainly on gossip.

Hosted by respected journalist, Steve Liebmann, CIA uncovers the true stories behind these cases through chilling re-enactments and access to the key detectives, family members and witnesses involved.

Reel Truth Crime brings you full episode documentary series from across the globe delving into the criminal underworld.

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montydendron1 : "five" years to find the culprit, on a small island??? Must be in the Guiness book of records for the sloppiest detective investigation ever.
diana d : In 2011 mcneil said a man and woman living on the island killed her and he was forced to dispose of her body. Article said mcneil named the ppl. I saw no follow up to mcneils 2011 BS story.
Aidan Convery : I thought the Bounty mutineers landed on Pitcairn Is.
Mary Elizabeth : Big difference between running over a dog and a cow.
Amy v : This show really got me started with watching true crime as much as I do. And boy I miss this show.

Luceat Lux : i wonder if, when you went back and looked at video (if it was taken) of the chef giving his prints, there would be clear signs of guilt in his behavior. i always think that i could pick out a liar based on emotionally behavioral cues.
Joe Macinnis : How can a murderer get only 24 years? If you take a life, you should forfeit your own
Wadjet : wasn't Australia a place where England sent it's criminals in the 1600s?
Marnie Bryks : 24 years?! Australia has weak sentencing. Every Aussie crime documentary I’ve seen has always ended with the perp receiving too light of a sentence in relation to their crime.
Joe Jones : Her injuries clearly indicate she was run over by a car.

The Body in the Sports Bag - Crime Investigation Australia | Murders Documentary | True Crime

The Body In The Sports Bag explores the disappearance and brutal murder of Sydney teenager, Lyndsay Van Blanken. This chilling episode features detailed re-enactments, interviews with key homicide detectives and heartbreaking accounts from Lyndsay's family and friends.

Hosted by respected journalist, Steve Liebmann, CIA uncovers the true stories behind these cases through chilling re-enactments and access to the key detectives, family members and witnesses involved.

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Katherine Guthrie : It's So Sad !!! She had Her whole life ahead of her. !!!
Fatima Zahra : The crown porsecutor looks like the old version of Eva Elvie
Marlene Sollgruber : I‘m a psychiatrist! All I want to say to females or males! If your significant other threatens suicide should you leave them! Run! Whatever happens is not your fault! And I’ve been a psychiatrist for 30+ years!
Doku Addict : Mormonen ? raflzz no comment harharhar
tansuetlin tansuetlin : Hi rip off your bolly it was learns
Angela mcgonigle :
Brontë : It is incredibly sad to see what people are able to do to others. And it makes me angry. Is it only my impression that it is getting worse on our planet? Feel so sorry for the family and her boyfriend. Whole life ahead...
Haifa : always hear the advice of the family, they see what you can’t see because of love blinds the eyes
Maria Nancy27 : TWO TIMER.
Send Help : The American fiance really makes me uncomfortable. I know he didn't do it but somethings not right there.

American Airlines Flight 587 | Air Crash Investigation | National Geographic

American Airlines Flight 587 was a regularly scheduled international passenger flight from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. On November 12, 2001, the Airbus A300B4-605R flying the route crashed shortly after takeoff into the Belle Harbor neighbourhood of Queens, a borough of New York City. All 260 people aboard the plane (251 passengers and 9 crew members) were killed, along with 5 people on the ground. It is the second-deadliest aviation incident involving an Airbus A300 and the third-deadliest aviation incident to occur on U.S. soil.

The location of the accident and the fact that it took place two months and one day after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan initially spawned fears of another terrorist attack. Terrorism was officially ruled out as the cause by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which instead attributed the disaster to the first officer's overuse of rudder controls in response to wake turbulence from a Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing 747-400 that took off minutes before it. According to the NTSB, the aggressive use of the rudder controls by the first officer caused the vertical stabiliser to snap off the plane, along with the plane's two engines separating from intense forces before impact.

Because the crash occurred just two months and one day after the September 11 attacks in New York, several major buildings including the Empire State Building and the United Nations Headquarters were evacuated. In the months after the crash, rumors circulated that the plane had been destroyed in a terrorist plot, with a shoe bomb similar to the one found on Richard Reid. In May 2002, a Kuwaiti national named Mohammed Jabarah agreed to cooperate with investigators as part of a plea bargain. Among the details Jabarah gave authorities was a claim made to Jabarah by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's lieutenant, who told Jabarah that Reid and Abderraouf Jdey had both been enlisted by the al-Qaeda chief to carry out identical shoe-bombing plots as part of a second wave of attacks against the United States. According to this lieutenant, Jdey's bomb had successfully blown up Flight 587, while Reid's attempt had been foiled.

In May 2002, a Canadian government memo was written that repeated the claims suggesting that Jdey had a role in the crash, while conceding that the reliability of the source of that information — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's lieutenant — was unknown. According to information contained in the memo, Jdey — a naturalized Canadian citizen — was to use his own Canadian passport to board the flight. While American Airlines' passenger manifest did indicate citizens boarding with passports from the United States, the Dominican Republic, Taiwan, France,[d] Haiti, and Israel, no passengers boarded using a Canadian passport. According to NTSB spokesman Ted Lopatkiewicz, the weight of the memo's veracity was put into question, as no evidence of a terrorist traveling on board was found. The evidence suggested that the aircraft was brought down after a piece of the empennage, "the vertical fin, came off", while it did not indicate "any kind of event in the cabin."
riverraisin1 : The most important piece of information I got from this program is that this narrator can't pronounce aluminum.
Adil Rahim : For 5 mins the plane stayed in the same position moving right and left lol
András Ujlaki : the actual investigation starts at 20:20
K : 8:47
They said the rear of the plane broke off!
So why am I seeing it?
K : Anyone how long it takes to become a pilot?
Apple Con : 8:52
National Geographic: shows sign saying children at play
Me: gosh darn kids
Olive : I used to watch these every night when I was younger and still managed to go on planes without any fright, back then and now. Idk how but ok lmao
Goldine Saintil : It's common sense to not use aggression on anything flying in the air at thousands of feet. An airplane is sensitive like man this is crazy. The training was bad that's really what it comes down to. Causing the crash.
Table : Fun Fact: A plane crashes within the last 1 minute of the flight of the plane!!
AeroNevin : At least get the damn thumbnail right ffs. The accident airplane was an A300 and the tumbnail shows an A320.




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